The history of the brand “Paul McNeal” begins in one small British coast city, known as a very popular place for sailors. Paul McNeal, a young but very ambitious designer, loved to walk around the marina and to watch sailors, outbound and inbound yachts. On the waterfront, the designer quite often has seen a lot of stylish people who love an active lifestyle.

This is how the exclusive watch brand vision was born. The designer wanted to create something interesting and unique, that would fit the wrist of a stylish yacht owner on the weekend and at the same time would be suitable to wear on the daily basis.
The incredible and pure design of a watch and the ability to easily change the bracelet gives a possibility for the owner to adjust the look of the watch according to the mood or outfit and to meet new adventures and discoveries.

Paul McNeal watches are created for the ambitious personality who loves an active lifestyle and exceptional quality.
After the great success of the introduction of the very first watches collection, successful and inspirational designer Paul McNeal continued his journey through the world of jewellery and accessories. Each season Paul McNeal is surprising his customers with great designs as well as presenting impressive collections and gaining more and more fans around the world.